Cyber Inhouseday

Data Science Consultancy


Took place on Feb. 15, 2023 - Feb. 15, 2023

Cyber Inhouseday | Inhouseday for Cybersecurity students

EY is organising a Cyber Inhouseday on February 15th 2023. During this event you will have the opportunity to learn more about our cybersecurity consulting practice. You will participate in various cyber cases and games, get a tour of our office in Amsterdam and have the chance to speak with various EY colleagues about why they work at EY. We end the day with a festive drink and dinner in a restaurant in Amsterdam.

Programme Event
13:00 tot 17:00 - Inhouseday
18:00 tot 22:00 - Dinner at the restaurant

During the Cyber Inhouseday you will participate in three short cases that give you an overview of cybersecurity consulting assignments that EY performs for clients. Read more information about the content of the cases below:

Cybersecurity strategy

A fictional brewery (BrewEY) has built a new web store. The management is facing a major challenge in the field of cybersecurity. You will be asked to advise the Board on important cybersecurity and privacy risks and measures. Part of this case is an interactive legal hack demo where you can see how our advanced security team tries to hack customers like BrewEY.

Cyber crime

We will present a fact finding case where participants will be faced with a cyber incident at a health insurance company. Details around the incident will be described after which the participants will be interactively guided through solving the case. The case will touch upon: correct evidence management, solving puzzles, fact finding and more.

Cyber War Game 

Within the scenario of the Cyber War Game, you represent a global bank as a board member. You will be presented with client who was told by a whistleblower about potential illicit activities on company grounds. The first clues around the activities will be described after which you will be partaking in a fact finding investigation with the goal of unraveling what has happened exactly at the client’s company. The press is at the door, a ransom is demanded and the clock is ticking!

Spoiler alert: you'll have the chance to win multiple big prizes during cyber inhouseday including Apple AirPods Pro, a Lap Desk Lapzer, an anti-theft backpack and a padel racket!

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